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D-link di-824vup прошивки скачать давайте

Описание: D-link di-824vup прошивки скачать давайте
Имя файла: d-link-di-824vup-proshivki-davayte
На форуме обсуждается бетта прошивка ревизии 19 для железки А и какая-то версия для В.
Обнаружил случайно прошивки:
Прошился А. Включил IGMP на странице настройки WAN. Провайдер QWERTY или Starlink. Проблем не обнаружил. IP TV заработало!!! (После прошивки сброс к заводским настройкам не проводил, но остальным рекомендую)
Дата прошивки (показывает в устройстве): "Firmware Version: v1.06b18, Fri, Dec 14 2007"
ЗЫ: это не бетта прошивки, почему на российском ftp не выложено?
Какие изменения для ревизии А:
Firmware: v1.06b18
1. Fix: Device configured as Dynamic DualAccessPPTP/PPPoE with manual/connect on demand function. When pressing “disconnect” device close tunnel and Keep address from WAN-PHY.
2. Add the Clone Mac function to the DualAccess PPTP WAN type.
3. Fix: Device makes only one try to connect to PPTP server.
4. Fix: Fix: Device request NTP server every 10 seconds.
5. Fix: IGMP Proxy doesn't work with DualAccess PPTP/PPPoE. IGMP request problems doesn't forwards to WAN-PHY and WAN-PPP.
6. Fix: Device configured as WAN-StaticIP. Device doesn't forward TCP.RST response from Server if service unavailable.
7. Fix: State table doesn't work normally.
8. Add new PeanuHull version.
9. Add URL Blocking characters number from 30 to 50.
10.Add Domain Blocking characters number from 30 to 45.
11.Fix: Under the Backup connection, added the re-send the IPCP-request mechanism.
12.Add 15 DHCP static IP clients(the total clients are 30).
13.Fix: When the ISDN backup line is up, if no any traffic from lan side, the ISDN line shall be dropped by idle time out.
14.Fix: The DI-824VUP+ is configured with Dialup Network and PPPoE with Auto-backup. When DI-824VUP+ goes online over backuped, the UI of connection can’t normally show the Dial-up states
15.Fix: Use VLC-Server for tests. DI-804HV can pass IGMP flow inside LAN. But then we close VLC-client. Flow still exist in LAN ports
16.Add Increase the length of FQDN feature for VPN function to 25 bits.
17.Add IGMP function.
18.Fix: DHCP clients can’t get IP address of secondary DNS of the device.
19.Fix: Process the IPSEC will initial the session of PPTP if both device located in the same network.
20.Fix: PPTP/L2TP connection can’t be establish normally.
21.Fix: If users enable both “anto-reconnect” and “DDNS” function in VPN function, the device can’t trigger to establish the VPN connection.
22.Fix: the problem which DFL-210 to DI-824VUP+ Xauth not working.
23.Fix: Switching the NTP time, but the time will not be changed.
24.Fix: In Wizard’s WEP settings, there is a “256 bit” option. Please delete it.

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